I Scream, You Scream

Don’t worry, no ear drums were injured during the writing of this post.

I am a huge fan of ice cream. In fact, if you saw a photo of me 2 months ago you’d definitely know, so, one of my favourite things about weddings are good food. Most weddings are in the summer; half your friends have sprogs so they’re off in the holidays, the weathers great for outdoor photos and backyard weddings.

And what best to accent your summer wedding with an ice cream man, or a sundae bar or even signature cocktail and mocktail ice lollies (now ladies, this isn’t a political debate).


We all know how they get you with the cheap venue then shiv you with costs for a 3 course meal. Skip dessert, head down to Costco for some cheap good quality gelato, create a bar with cones, Ebay sourced Sundae glasses and pretty wooden spoons and let your guests dig in.

Combine my other great love (gin) and send me an invite when you make your very own signature cocktails, freeze them (hopefully you know someone with an industrial freezer) and give them out as favours. You could even use your Hen Do to experiment with a Cocktail class. If you’re not feeling that then ceck out the Tipsy Bartender on YouTube for some ideas.


And if you want to go all out, hire a van, put on an icecream bar tab and give out tickets for your guests to go crazy!


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