If this year I’m not invited to at least one wedding with a gin bar I will cry.

In all seriousness though – and at full risk of appearing an alcoholic – if you and your future h2b met in a pub, like me and mine, it’s definitely something you can incorporate into -or like some of these people, throw at without caution – into your day.

Sick of seeing table 1, table 2 etc. How about Hendricks, Gordons, Bloom, Opihr, King of Solo, Tanqueray and Sipsmiths… and maybe for the children Fentimans Tonic?

Are you one of the lucky ones with no corkage? Have you seen portable gin bars?! That’s right. A bar on wheels. Actually, thinking of it, if this blog makes me rich I may just decide to hire one for life.

Do you fancy getting the sceptics on the gin hype with you? 2 words. Gin Favours. Cellophane, check. Minature bottles of your favourite gin, check. Tonic water, check. Just add a perfect serve note and you’re ready to rock and roll.



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