And They Lived Happily Ever After…


Every little girl has at some point dreamed of being a princess so why not make that dream come true on your wedding day and have a Disney themed wedding?

Alfred Angelo has made his living theming a whole range of Disney inspired dresses for your big day. Ranging from his Ariel themed blue dress to Belle’s classic feminine ruffles there is a Disney dress for every size and shape.

Theme your colours around your favourite movie. Think Carl and Ellie had the perfect relationship? Put your bridesmaid in multicoloured dresses, decorate tables with tiny house and balloons, DIY it by buying large fillable letters and filling them with multicoloured pom poms and just have fun with it!

Lets talk shoes! Okay, I very rarely have oh my gosh girly moments; I look at Louboutin’s with the same apprehensive expression I give an unappealing dish in a restaurant – seriously I just can’t justify £500+ on a pair of shoes I’ll wlipsyear once and will probably kill my size 8 wide fit feet – however can we just talk Lipsy Ballerina tie shoes? So Asos, what you’re telling me now is I can fulfil my two childhood dreams in ONE day? For £30? I can be a princess bride and a ballerina? 3 words – TAKE MY MONEY!

Also, have you seen those Irregular Choice shoes? Yes, those ones. Remember when you were little and your mom would take you to Clarks and you’d beg and beg to have those shoes with the pink flashing lights? If you haven’t seen them then the Cinderella Sparkling Slippers may be the ones for you! Known to be extremely comfortable and long lasting, they are slightly more expensive than the Lipsy slippers however will definitely have you feeling like  Disney princess instantly.

Want the ideal first dance; be the first of your friends to use Emma Watson’s take on Tale as Old as Time from the Beauty and the Beast Live Action remake.

Just roll with the theme, and remember your slippers at the end of night – if you’re reading this you’ve found your prince and you’re that much closer to Happily Ever After…



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