The Low Down

Being a newbie in the wedding planning business I was completely overwhelmed by the slang and abbreviations brides are currently using. Like , seriously, I felt like a 90 year old lady on her first day at college. Everything was going over my head. An MUA? Is that a form of martial arts? MIL? You’re spending a million on your wedding – WHOA! So I’m going to give the newbies my bridal dictionary to help them learn the lingo.

B2B – Bride To Be! In other words he’s popped the question and you’re eagerly awaiting your time to shine.

G2B – Groom To Be – Simply, your soon to be husband.

MOH – Maid/Matron Of Honour – An American tradition but used in place of a Chief Bridesmaid in the UK

MIL/FIL – Your fiancé’s parents – Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law

BMs – Your bridesmaids

STDs – No I’m not saying you need to take a trip to your local GUM clinic but some unsuspecting poor souls may use this abbreviation meaning their save the dates which are cards you give out at the start of the year so people can make sure they aren’t working.

MUA – Make Up Artist – The woman of dreams that helps turn your wedding day face from I’m so nervous I haven’t slept to Princess in 1.5 hours.


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