Lose the Limos

Do you fancy a little something different to get you to and from your wedding? I get it. With so many different ideas about if you can afford to get big and wacky, why not? Lose the limousines and start getting creative with your transportation.

Getting married on a river or near a canal and are incredibly enthusiastic about the water how about hiring a canal boat or a canoe to get you to your reception venue? Of course, hiring the canoe may only be an option for those who aren’t afraid to get wet.

Water not your thing? How about a big engined  vehicle to pull you along like a tractor which could pull a trailer for a vintage wedding or a milk cart if you really want to get a little crazy.

Do you have a love for motorbikes? Contact your local motorcycle group and see if you can be carted off on the back of a Harley or in a sidecar.

If you’re a truck fan a lot of companies will hire out their bigger truck cabs to send you off on a good stead(y eddy – did you see what I did there?) and for buses you can hire a double decker vintage bus across the Midlands like Midlands Classics Routemaster hire.

midland classic.jpg

Remember, your wedding day is yours to do what you wish with it. Make it spectacular and ditch the done thing. Be creative and make your own memories.





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