Cut the Costs


The average cost of a UK wedding is £21,000! Whoa! That’s more than I earna year. So, believe me when I say I understand that some brides need to cut the costs on their big day. In this post I’ll be giving you some tips on how to be the ultimate budget bride without your day looking cheap.

The average dress equates for around a 10th of this cost! I understand that you want to look beautiful and in no way shape or form do I ever recommend you outsource to China and run a risk so there are lots of ways you can cut this cost. My own step mum never wanted a big white dress. She was adamant that she couldn’t afford it. We knew she’d secretly love it so found an off the peg bridal sale. We stuck it out and went to an annual sale in Warwickshire and she walked away with the perfect dress that fit like a glove for a fraction of the price! In fact it only cost £300. If you don’t fancy a Battle of the Brides for your dress getting one made by a seamstress can also slash costs and several high street retailers like Monsoon, Debenhams and House of Fraser have bridal ranges.


Flowers are a bridal staple, we carry them, we use them to dress our venues, we put them in our hair and buttonholes. In fact they are so much of a staple that they can get extremely costly on the best day of our lives. Use seasonal flowers and listen to your florists advice, says florist Claire of Bottom of the Garden Flowers, and bulk up your arrangements with foliage to bring the costs down even further. If you want to slash costs even more why don’t you utilise YouTube and try your hand at creating your own bouquet. Another option is using silk flowers which can be bought for a few pence and will last forever.


Cutting costs on venues doesn’t mean you can’t get married in your dream stately home. Less weddings take place in January, February, October and November so get married in these months to cut the cost dramatically. If you are adamant about a wedding in these months then try and cut down on the guest list to reduce costs.

Get married later in the day and skip the wedding breakfast to reduce the cost per head on your guests. Provide a buffet type meal instead of a 3 course sit down meal which will drastically reduce prices.

Get onto Pinterest and find crafty DIY ideas so you can dress your venue for less. By ribbons in bulk and use them in place of chair covers, create your own fabric bunting to string from the ceiling and keep an eye out in discount stores for mason jars to make your own favours, confetti and other bits and pieces.

Hire suits and bridesmaids dresses instead of buying them or use High Street stored to buy them. Primark offers suits for £30 a piece and many high street stores have formal dresses to suit every bridesmaid.

Most of all have fun with it! And good luck cutting costs.




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