Spotlight on Bottom of the Garden Flowers

Now, believe me when I say I know nothing about flowers, nada, zilch, non. So I took to Facebook to find a highly recommended florist to teach me and my lovely brides something about wedding flowers. Cue, Claire, a 40 year old florist from Dorset with nearly 30 years of experience. Claire trained in London, starting at the age of 13 as a shop girl before the owner trained her up to run his shop. She then left the business and moved to Bournemouth to start a family and opened her own doors as Bottom of the Garden last year.

Claire’s own wedding came as a bit of a surprise as her husband only told her about it around 6 weeks before the date meaning she had to rush to get everything organised. Disaster struck on the day when her son ripped her wedding dress by running it over with his baby walker. Luckily her mom came to the rescue with a lilac dress brought as a surprise for her evening reception. Then her limo arrived an hour late and as all of her guests were seated she couldn’t tell them what had happened. As the wedding was so early most of her guests had left by early evening! She plans to renew her vows on her anniversary in August next year!

She was also kind enough to provide advice on brides floral arrangements dependant on the season to make sure you can keep your costs down and maximise the flowers lifespan.

For spring she suggests you make use of blossoms and daffodils as well as other seasonal flowers to keep your costs low.

Summer weddings are great for florists. So many British flowers like Alestromeia are in season and it comes in a large range of colours. Claire also recommends very scented flowers for in the summer as the scent will carry to your guests. To make them last all day incorporate hydrangea, rose and freesia but avoid gerberas as they will wilt in the heat.

Remember that in autumn you don’t just need to use flowers. Add texture to your bouquet with leaves, berries and vines to create a unique arrangement.


People believe they have a lot less choice in the winter but remember that a good florist can source from all around the world to make your dream come to life.

Claires favourite flower is an avalanche rose which open to around 20cm and she recommends baby blue eucalyptus to add extra texture and a beautiful smell.

Those of you on the South coast can view her work on




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