18-24 Months

Congratulations and welcome to the start of the journey of making your perfect day! Now I hope you’re ready because this will probably be the hardest part! So what exactly do you need to do and when do you need to do it?

Well lets start at the beginning. The average wedding takes around 2 years to plan and save for so it’s always best to try to give yourself the maximum time to organise your day.

18-24 Months To W-Day!

  • Start a wedding folder. Get something big and start adding all your inspiration. Also I’d probably get Pinterest if you don’t have it already. It is literally a life saver for keeping everything you see on the internet in one place. In fact, even if you’re not sure… Pin It! Find photographers, entertainers, florists and venue dressers and add all their information into your folder.
  • Work out your budget. There’s no point in going venue and dress shopping until you know exactly how much cash you have to splash! Talk to your partner, use a wedding budgeting tool online and speak to your families and get that ballpark down to a figure.
  • Make your own proposals and choose your wedding party! Starting this early gives them a chance to help you plan the bigger decision. Also hens can make the wedding a little less stressful and are there to help you out!
  • Try and narrow down three potential dates before going venue shopping. Remember that most weddings take place in the summer and prices will be bumped up then too. If you’re looking for a more affordable wedding at your dream venue try to choose a date in October to November or January to March.
  • Start your guest list off! Again to cut costs you’ll really need to cut down on the list. Remember to invite the people who mean something to you. Don’t feel bad if you can’t invite your best friends Uncle Norris or your third cousin twice removed. Most newlyweds haven’t actually seen or heard from either of those people since their weddings.
  • Go venue shopping! Use bridal magazines for inspiration and your newly culled guest list to find a space suitable for your numbers! Also think about the weather; if you’re getting married in January an outdoor wedding may not be suitable.
  • Get your venue booked!

Then it’s time to begin the fun parts!


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