The Age of the Babymooners

One question I regularly see across all bridal pages and blogs is this; should we take our children on our honeymoon with us? There’s no easy answer to this one guys. It boils down to this. Do you need to take a moment to settle into your marriage.

Honeymoons are an occasion that started with the richest people in Britain in the 19th century. Wealthy couples would visit relatives further afield, who had been unable to travel to the wedding, before returning home to settle down. The French then took the tradition and it soon spread around Europe and eventually the rest of the world. The more modern honeymoon is a trip away from the stresses of home life to enjoy the intimacy that comes with marriage.

After the 2014 film Blended was released we saw a rise in family moons as they are now seen as a way to get blended families acquainted as one.

So can you achieve that intimacy with children in tow? Do you even need that level of intimacy post child? I mean is there actually anything more intimate than watching your partner give birth? I took to Facebook to find out what people across the world say about this.

Most people are torn in two ways. They’d love some alone time to just catch up but can’t even think of leaving their children for too long. Katie says “ I always said I’d take my kids (they’ll be 3&5) but me and my h2b never get any ‘us’ time. We’re having a week in Cornwall with the kids when we get married there and a week abroad alone later in the year. We can have a million family holidays but only get one honeymoon”.

Others like Nicole feel no qualms with leaving the kids at home who said her daughters is four and will spend the week at home with her grandmother. In fact most people with support systems seem to think it’s quite easy to leave their children with the people they trust.

Some people have called their break a family moon, a chance for the whole family to relax in piece together and get a family holiday full of memories like Chantelle who was very straightforward with her exclamation “We’re having a familymoon”.

According to the most visited honeymoon destination involves a family trip to Walt Disney World so that all parties can have the trip of a lifetime.

So what’s my opinion on the matter? I think that all couples should have the chance to sit back and relax on a 5* adult only resort for a week after their wedding but if you feel like you’d only enjoy it with your children by your side or don’t have the means to do that why don’t you, like many others, take a long weekend by yourselves and have a family holiday at a later date.


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