Be Brash and Ask For Cash?

Believe me when I said I’d thought long and hard about whether I wanted to cover the controversial issues to do with weddings. For those that know me it was probably bound to happen anyway. So, to you, I pose this question? Is it brash to ask for cash?

In times gone by it was considered promiscuous if a bride to be moved in with her groom before the big day, but in today’s society it is quite the opposite. In fact it is now those that do wait who are looked upon differently. I mean, do you ever really know someone until you’ve learnt that they NEVER put the toilet seat down or ALWAYS leave the lid to the tea bag canister open or in the gross world of my and my partner that they BITE their toenails. Nowadays couples have already established their blissful little home bubble before the wedding and don’t need a mountain of impractical Royal Doulton china for their cupboards or real silverware. So instead they just ask for cash.

I can see the dilemma here. Much like a birthday or Christmas people seem to think they sound rude asking for the one thing they really need. Some newlyweds are currently renting and think that asking for cash may assist them with buying a home however from what I can see from several of the groups on Facebook I gain my inspiration from most people would like the perfect honeymoon.

Emma says “We’re not asking for anything. People tend to give [people] money anyway. And anyway, you can never have too many wedding photo frames” which I think is the general consensus however Fi says “Our family and friends have asked what we prefer as we’ve been together for seven years. We just asked for money towards out honeymoon which we’ll use as spending money”.

Other people have suggested using sites like Honeyfund and Kuoni where family members can contribute to the honeymoon.

At the end of the day I do think that times have changed and the happy couple shouldn’t feel like they can’t ask for money towards something they need as at the end of the day wasn’t that the reason we originally gave wedding presents for? To set couples up for the future?


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