Dare to be Different

Across the board brides today seek to compete, they compete to be different. to have the best, to be the best. Over the past few years bridal designers have received more pressure to create a product different to anything else on the market.

Cue the bridal jumpsuit. This style has had a slow start. Endorsed by celebrity Solange, who pedaled to her 2014 wedding on a bicycle, this practical article of clothing means no hassle, no bridesmaids fighting with your dress in a toilet cubicle that suddenly feels claustrophobic and probably best of all? Fuss Free Dancing!

However, if a jumpsuit isn’t for you then what about separates? We saw an influx in separates in teenage proms over the past few years and now they’ve made an entrance into every (don’t quote me) bridal shop in the country. If you need inspiration check out Olivia Palermo’s beautiful three piece dress consisting of a jumper, shorts and a skirt. If I could use them on here there’d be love hearts everywhere. Wow!

Another thing I’m hugely in love with right now is floral! Simple dresses may just be a thing of the past. Check out my Pinterest above to get YOUR inspiration.




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