Coppers – Shine On Your Big Day

Perhaps the biggest trend of weddings in 2016 has been Metallics. Metallics match your iPhone, your nails and the jewellery you have on and add a little bit of bling to any venue regardless of size or location.

There are several big colours for any season and the possibilities are absolutely endless.

Trending across the country right now is Copper.

Ruffled - photo by Singler Photography

Coppers and whites create a rustic feel to a venue and can be matched with feathers, fur and pine cones for a realistic, homey, woodland effect whilst still being dressy enough to be glam.


Teamed with teals, copper becomes more vibrant. It can give an exotic feel to a wedding and is perfect for destination weddings. Floral compliments include cacti which will add a little extra to any bouquet.

Use Natures background you your own advantage with Steampunk Copper and natural foliage to decorate the venue. This trend is perfect for anyone with hayfever to have a stressfree antihistamineless day!






Disclaimer – All photography was sourced from Pinterest.

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